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We offer club account at the credit union as a way to keep money seperate from the savings and/or checking account for a designated purpose. There is no minimum balance to keep in a club account and you are able to deposit and withdraw funds at anytime without penalty.

  • Christmas Club
    This club is established as a special savings account which allows a member to earmark certain funds for the seasonal spending need. Members may increase, decrease or discontinue deposits to the Christmas Club at anytime. Every October, the credit union will withdraw all funds and the amount will be deposited to the savings account. Members are asked to contact the credit union in October to identify where they would like to receive the funds if not in the savings. Early withdrawal of funds is allowed.
  • Vacation Club
    This club may be opened anytime during the year and funds may be withdrawn at the owner’s discretion. Members tend to use this to save for summer trips or expenses, but can be used for any purpose.
  • Miscellaneous Club
    You are able to open a club account for virtually any purpose and we can name it anything you choose.  Some members like to keep club accounts open for different purposes such as home repairs, taxes or “fun” money.

Club accounts are available to any member with no minimum balance. It is easy to get started with a club account, just see a member service representative to open one. Unlike the Christmas club, the vacation and all other club accounts are NOT transferred out each year. The funds will remain in the club account until you withdraw it or for inactivity. There is no limit to the number of club accounts a member can open, so if you are looking for a way to keep funds seperate, opening club accounts designated for a specific purpose might be the answer.

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