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Money Market Accounts

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Are you interested in earning a higher dividend on your savings account but don’t want to tie the money up long term in a certificate of deposit? A money market account might be the answer.

The credit union offers money market accounts to our members. Money market accounts are similar to savings (share) accounts, but require a higher minimum balance and earn a higher dividend rate. The minimum balance required to maintain a money market with the credit union is $2,500. The dividend rates are set by the credit union board of directors, and dividends are paid quarterly based on the daily average balance.  There currently are no restrictions on the number of deposits or withdrawals made to the money market account. However, if the balance falls below the minimum, the account will be closed.

For more information or to open a money market account, please contact a member service representative today.

Money Market

APRAPYInfo and/or Terms
1.00%1.02%$2,500.00 minimum