Who Can Join?

Anyone who lives, works or worships in the Town or City of Elmira, or the Townships of Ashland and Southport can become members of Solutions CU. Membership is also offered to:

  • Any family members of current members; by blood, marriage, adoption, or foster care. 
  • Spouses of those who died while members of this credit union.
  • Employees of this credit union.
  • Persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from this geographic area.
  • Organizations of such persons.

How does membership work?

We offer lifelong membership: once a member, always a member, as long as your account is kept current and in order. This means even if you move, retire or change jobs, your credit union membership will remain. All you have to do is maintain a balance of at least $25 in your share savings account to remain a member.

How do I join? 

Fill out the online membership card and submit it, then stop by our local office and sign a membership card.