Whatever your financial goals, Solutions CU has an account that will help you get there. 

Our share savings account is the best place to begin at Solutions. Join today to start saving!

Our share draft checking account offers you all the benefits of a traditional checking account, with no monthly service charge or minimum balance required. Access your account anywhere with online banking

If you’re interested in making your savings go even further, our money market accounts or a certificate of deposit may be right for you.

You can also save for a specific goal or purpose (like a vacation, or for the Holidays) by opening a Club Account. 

Finally, let us help you plan for the future with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). 

Check out our current rates.

If you have any questions about which account may be right for you, we’re happy to help, 

Call (607) 734-7144 to speak to a representative. 


Share Savings Account

APR APY Info/Terms
.50% .501% 1/10% Over $20,000



Share/Draft Checking Account

APR APY Info/Terms
.00% .00%  



Club Accounts

APR APY Info/Terms
.50% .501% 1/10% Over $20,000



IRA Accounts

APR APY Info/Terms
2.00% 2.015%  



Money Market Accounts

APR APY Info/Terms
1.50% 1.508% $2,500.00 minimum



Certificates of Deposit (CD's)

APR APY Info/Terms
3.50% 3.546% 6-month term
4.14% 4.205% 12-month term
3.75% 3.803% 18-month term