Solutions CU Club Accounts:

Save With Purpose

Open a club account with Solutions CU in order to save money for a designated purpose. When you open a club account, the money is kept separate from your savings and checking account. There is no minimum balance and you are able to deposit and withdraw funds at any time without penalty!

Types of Club Accounts: 

  • Christmas Club Account
    Set aside funds for the seasonal spending need. Members may increase, decrease or discontinue deposits to the Christmas Club at any time. Every October, funds in the Christmas Club Account are automatically deposited in your savings account (though you can withdraw funds at any time). 
  • Vacation Club Account
    Save for your dream vacation! This account may be opened anytime during the year and funds may be withdrawn at the owner’s discretion.
  • Miscellaneous Club Account
    You are able to open a club account for virtually any purpose and we can name it anything you choose.  Some members like to keep club accounts open for different purposes such as home repairs, taxes or “fun” money.

Club Accounts

APR APY Info/Terms
.50% .501% 1/10% Over $20,000


To open a club account, fill out our application and return it to a representative in person, or call (607) 734-7144 to learn more.