Money Market Accounts

If you’re interested in earning a higher dividend on your savings but don’t want to tie the money up long-term, a money market account with Solutions CU might be right for you.

Money market accounts are similar to share savings accounts, but require a higher minimum balance and earn a higher dividend rate. The minimum balance required to maintain a money market with the credit union is $2,500. 

  • Dividends are paid quarterly based on the daily average balance.  
  • There are no restrictions on the number of deposits or withdrawals made to the money market account. 
  • If the balance falls below the minimum, the account will be closed.

Money Market Accounts

APR APY Info/Terms
1.50% 1.508% $2,500.00 minimum


For more information or to open a money market account, please contact a member service representative today at (607) 734-7144. Or, fill out our application and return to a representative in person.