We exist to help you succeed

As a credit union, Solutions offers all the normal financial services you typically think of—from competitively priced savings, investment accounts and low interest loans, to money management services. But because credit unions are member-owned and not for profit, we are uniquely dedicated to helping our members meet their financial goals.  The minute you become a member, you become an owner. 

We’re committed to our community

Solutions CU has served Elmira and the surrounding townships since 1952. We’re local, we’re convenient, and we’re here to stay. 

We care about your experience   

At Solutions, you won’t feel like just a number. Here, you’re our neighbor. By offering competitive pricing, convenient online services, and exceptional customer service, we do everything we can to ensure you love being a member.   

Ready to become part of Solutions CU? 

We invite you to join today.