Personal Loans

Personal loans can be used for almost any purpose you can think of, from consolidating debt and paying off credit cards, to paying for a wedding or taking a dream vacation. 

Solutions CU offers two types of personal loans for our members. 

Share secured loans are a low-cost, low-interest way to finance by using your credit union share accounts as collateral as you borrow from Solutions.  

Unsecured loans are typically used for home improvement projects or major purchases.

  • Unsecured loans feature a typical repayment schedule of 12 to 48 months. 
  • A member may borrow up to $15,000 maximum.
  • The maximum amount of money that a member may borrow is based on credit score, yearly income and debt ratio.

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To learn more about our personal loan options, call (607) 734-7144 to speak to one of our representatives.